Food Service Resume

Blame it on the modern fast paced lifestyle, or anything else you fancy, but we have the tendency to do things just at last minute. We hurriedly put together a food service resume when a job vacancy appears, or even send a template resume to all employers. We know what often follows. 

“However, when it comes to career advancement, success comes from taking a long-term and well-calculated view of your destiny,” says Adie Mathews, editor at American Resumes She adds, “Each position you have held in your food service career should translate into a stepping-stone towards a better and more fulfilling job. The easiest way to explore the frontiers ahead in your career path is by sending prospective employers your resume and cover letter.” 

The Marketing & Psychology Bit

Updating the resume goes beyond keying in a few bullet points indicating your new job title and a list of responsibilities. Rather, it is about selling the strengths of your personal brand. “Think of adding an executive summary highlighting your milestones, right at the top of your resume. Describe your achievements with quantifiable statistics whenever possible, to demonstrate your true worth to prospective employers,” advices the resume guru. 

The reality about the job market is that if you do not market your successes and achievements, someone else will present their own, and get what was your dream job. Did you ever attend an interview only for the employer to hire someone you considered inferior to you? Call it the power of marketing. If you ever talked to a marketer, then you know that making a sale is a game of psychology - from the moment you say hi to the prospect, to sealing the deal. The same applies with marketing your capabilities through your food service resume and cover letters. 

Try a Professional

If you have never had a professional write your resume from scratch and optimize it for success, then take this as your chance. As Jude Carter, a newly hired CEO at a local restaurant chain recently commented: "You will never know the difference between a D-I-Y and professionally written resume until you hold the two documents side-by-side.” 

“A professionally done food service resume will give you a sound foundation for your future tweaks, to tailor the document to the needs of different employers,” says Carter. 

If you are truly committed to your career advancement, then take charge of your resume development process, order a professional resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile at an affordable rate today, via this link:

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