Writing a Cover Letter

A cover letter accompanies a resume when sending your job application. There are usually two types of cover letters – solicited and unsolicited.

Solicited cover letters are sent in response to a job advertisement, while the unsolicited type is sent when it is the candidate initiating the conversation with the prospective employer in the hope of getting a job.

Whichever the case, the cover letter needs to fulfill the following:

  1. Express interest in a given job vacancy
  2. Give reasons why you, more than anyone else, deserve the job
  3. Invite the prospective employer to read your resume
  4. Request an interview

With the advent of the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to help employers to create a priority shortlist of candidates to interview from the hundreds of applicants, the person writing your cover letter must include the keywords that are common in your industry. You will in most cases find these in the job description that the employer issues when advertising the vacancy.

Letter of Interest

In many cases, the terms cover letter, motivational letter, application letter and letter of interest may be used interchangeably. While the approach to writing, content and purpose of these categories of letters may vary, our professional writers at Americanresumes.com can determine what kind of letter will serve you best in the given situation.

What we Need to Serve You
For solicited cover letters, we require that you send to us your latest resume and a job description of the position that you intend to apply for.

In the case of unsolicited cover letters, we require a copy of your latest resume, the job title that you are interested and a link to the prospective employer’s website.

In both cases, our professional cover letter writers study your resume and employer’s requirements to determine how well you are suited for the job. They then develop a strategy to match the different requirements with your professional experience, skills and potential most naturally and convincingly.

Cover Letter Writing Fee $ 29

We charge $29 only for a one-page cover letter irrespective of the position of interest or a candidate’s years of professional experience. We guarantee a 48 hours turnaround time.

Placing your order is as simple as clicking on the Buy Now button below. After the checkout process, you will be directed to the page where you can give us instructions and upload your resume, job description and any other documents that you might want our team to consider.

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So, what are your most pressing requirements for a cover letter? Americanresumes.com is here to help you out. Place your order now and let our team do what they know best!

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