Nurse Resume Writers in New York

We are the experts at nurse resume writing in NY. We write, from scratch, resumes that illustrate to recruiters that you have the right mix of qualifications; experience and mental aptitude to provide high levels of care to patients. The resume is custom-made to bring out your unique abilities to achieve in line with the job description and organizational objectives.

Our professional nursing resume writers have the personal branding skills, and the objectivity to determine the right focus for your career direction. We ensure that your resume is properly structured, detailed, and written to give you an edge over other candidates. Your resume will have the right keyword density to ensure visibility by search engines, whether you are seeking to work in a hospice, home for the elderly, hospital, school, or any other setup.

Our Nursing resumes have a success rate of 99% with regard to calls for an interview, and we are happy that most of our clients end up achieving the jobs of their dreams.

To serve you well, we require the following details from you.
i. Your current resume to give us an idea of what you've been doing. If you have none at the momemt, you may fill and share with us this USER FORM.
ii. Job description or a link to the same to help us see the direction that your career is headed.

The Procedure
We have a simple 3-step procedure for getting things done.

  1. Select the resume writing option that corresponds with your professional experience, and then proceed with the checkout process.
  2. You will be directed to the page where you will upload your current resume to give us an idea of what you've been doing. If applying for a job, include the job description or a link to the same on the same page. Alternatively, you can email us the resume and job description at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  3. We will respond by phone or email requesting any further details that we might need from you to ensure the successful completion of the writing assignment. We deliver most resumes within 48 hours, provided you respond to our inquiries in good time.

Nursing Resume Writing (Resume + Cover Letter + LinkedIn Profile)

Our rates are the best in the market, considering that we give you a professionally done cover letter and LinkedIn profile content at no extra cost:

NB: Your credit card billing will show you paid to Savvy Concepts LLC., our parent company.

1. Entry Level - New Grad Nurse Resume/Nursing Student Resume - for nurses with 0 - 2 years of working experience: $99.

2. Middle Level - Registered Nurse Resume/CNA Resume – for professionals with 3 - 9 years of working experience: $199.

3. Senior Nurse Resume - for Nursing Managers and professionals with over 10 years of working experience: $299.

We deliver all documents in MS Word format so you can customize them to suit the needs of different employers. Whatever your requirements for a nursing resume and cover letter writing, you have a competent friend in Talk to us today for the best deal.

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