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Take Your Career to the Next Level with an ATS Compliant Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile.




What We Offer:

  • Personalized guidance by our career experts to help align your skills, experience and career objectives with market needs. 
  • Professional ATS Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile optimized for your preferred job.
  • A fast turn around time of 3 Days only.
  • Guaranteed interview/hiring within 30 days.
  • Upto 3 revisions at no extra cost.
We serve professional from a diverse range of careers, including IT, engineering, finance, healthcare, sales and marketing, data science, education and more. With our resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, you are assured of success, whether you're seeking career advancement, transition to new areas of specialization, or branding yourself as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in your profession. 

We are the most preferred professional resume writing service for Executive Coaches seeking to position their candidates for Director, CEO, SVP, VP and other senior leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies.

How Our Resumes Achieve 98% Success Rate in Getting You Hired.

We are a team of multi-certified Corporate Directors, CEOs, Recruiters and Professional Resume Writers with over 20 years of experience. We have an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of recruitment, talent development, performance management, and, attrition. Over these years of our service in different organizations, we experienced, first hand, how qualified candidates sell themselves short using their resumes and cover letters, and so they miss the job opportunities that they deserve. How do they do this? You may wonder.

Consider that there exists a big difference between what a candidate wants to tell the employer, and what the employer wants to know about the candidate. 

Most resumes, including those done by some leading resume writing agencies, approach the employment equation from the perspective of what the candidate wants to tell the employer, with little regard for what the employer want to know about the candidate. 

The documents, therefore, fail to answer the most important questions at the back of the employer's mind: Why should we hire you for this job? How well will you fit into our organization's culture? How will you help us increase operating efficiency, make money, save money, and pursue opportunities...?  These are the key questions that our resumes answer.

At Americanresumes.com, we recognize that modern resume writing is both a science and an art that traverses language use and Artificial Intelligence-based candidate screening systems, popularly known as ATS. We also recognize the fact that a resume is a sales document through which our candidates market their personal brands to employers.

We, therefore, bring together the power of persuasive writing, marketing psychology, personal branding, keyword analysis and our decades of experience as interviewers and employers to help you succeed. We build your unique value proposition on the resume by showcasing how your skills, experience, and achievements align with the employer's objectives and the job description. In this way, we make you the perfect match for the job, and this is how you get hired! 

Whether you're a recent graduate, a seasoned professional, or transitioning to a new career, we will help you achieve your goals using our tried and tested approach to professional resume writing. Place your order today and let us help you take your career to a higher level.

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i. Early Career Resume + Cover Letter + LinkedIn Profile -  $99
For young professionals with zero - 2 years of working experience.

ii. Middle-Level Resume + Cover Letter + LinkedIn Profile - $199
For those with 3 - 9 years of working experience and those changing careers.

iii. Senior Level Resume + Cover Letter + LinkedIn Profile - $299
For people with over 10 years of experience

iv. C-Suite & Directors Resume + Cover Letter + LinkedIn Profile - $399
For professionals seeking senior management and Board Positions (Executive or Independent)

What Customers Say About Our Professional Resume Services


A Worthwhile Investment with Remarkable Results...

I am an Independent Director in a Fortune 500 company here in California. Working with American Resumes' Executive Resume Writers stands out as one of the most important strategic investments I have made in my career.

The resume writer assigned to me was an expert in writing Director-level resumes. He possessed an in-depth understanding of the technology industry and knew precisely how to highlight my unique skill set and accomplishments.

The overall personal branding that I got from American Resumes played a crucial role in negotiating a better compensation package that is $350k higher than what I was earning before. My current organization recognized the value I was bringing to them, and I attribute a large part of this recognition to the unique value proposition that the writer at American Resumes developed across my professional resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

                                                  - Garry, Independent Director in a Fortune 500 Company

American Resumes Showcase My Clients' Executive Excellence Beyond the Resume...

As an Executive Career Coach serving top-tier professionals in Fortune 500 companies, I have witnessed a remarkable transformation in my clients' careers since my first engagement with American Resumes in 2021.

American Resumes has consistently proven to be a game-changer when it comes to writing executive resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles for my esteemed clientele, which includes directors, CEOs, Senior VPs, VPs, and other C-Suite executives. 

What sets American Resumes apart is their ability to capture the essence of an executive's expertise and accomplishments in a concise yet compelling manner. They have a keen eye for identifying the most impactful achievements and translating them into powerful statements that resonate with hiring managers and executive recruiters. The results? Resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles that showcase not just the "what" of my clients' careers, but also the strategic "why" and the measurable "how".

If you are an executive seeking to maximize your career potential, I strongly urge you to engage the services of American Resumes. They will undoubtedly deliver an executive resume that not only reflects your unique value proposition but also positions you as an exceptional candidate in today's competitive job market.

                                                 - Highly recommended by Cathy, Executive Performance Coach